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Using MSR Pro Exercise Prescription Pads

Updated: 7 days ago

Doctor Using the MSR-Pro Exercise Prescription Pads

The MSR Pro Prescription Exercise Pads provide practitioners with a streamlined and efficient way to prescribe individualized exercise programs. These pads not only save valuable time but also allow for the creation of tailored functional exercise programs for your patients.

Key Features of MSR Pro Prescription Pads

Our collection of 10 prescription PDF pads includes over 250 exercise videos, organized by body region from head to toe. The fillable PDF's are divided into the following regions:

  1. Jaw & Cervical Exercises

  2. Shoulder Exercises

  3. Elbow, Wrist and Hand Exercises

  4. Thoracic Region & Chest Exercises

  5. Low Back Exercises

  6. Hip & Groin Exercises

  7. Knee & Upper Leg Exercises

  8. Lower Leg Exercises

  9. Ankle & Foot Exercises

  10. Nerve Flossing Exercises


Example of a Shoulder & Arms Exercise Prescription Pad

Mobility, Strength, Balance, Nerve Flossing & More

Each Prescription PDF is categorized into several sections:

  • Condition Related & Training Routine Exercises

  • Stretching & Mobility Exercises

  • Myofascial Release Exercises

  • Strengthening Exercises

  • Core Stability & Balance Exercises

  • Nerve Flossing Exercises

Using these prescription pads is straightforward. Simply enter the practitioner's and patient's names, select the appropriate exercises for the patient, and add any necessary instructions.

Our pads are compatible with both hard copy files and any electronic note system that supports standard PDF forms.


How to Use the MSR Pro Exercise Prescription Pads

Prescribe Patient Exercises Section of MSR-Pro

Accessing the Exercise Prescription Pads

The MSR Exercise Prescription Pads are available to MSR PRO members.

  1. Login to MSR PRO

  2. From the menu, choose Pro Resources > Exercises > Prescribe Exercises.

  3. In the Prescribe Patient Exercises panel, you will find 10 buttons, each corresponding to different body areas.

  4. Click on any button to open that Exercise Prescription PDF. Each prescription pad includes hyperlinks to exercise videos and routines.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the PDFs and the organization of our exercise videos.

Downloading All Exercise Prescription Pads

Once you understand the structure and organization of these prescription pads, you are ready to use them as part of your patient treatment protocols. Start by downloading the full set of exercise pads:

  1. Click the Download PDF Exercise Pads button to download a zip file containing all 10 Exercise Prescription Pads.

  2. Unzip these files into an easily accessible folder on your computer, such as your desktop. These are your 'master templates' which you can use on a daily basis.

  3. Create another folder (Patient Exercises) where you can store your 'patient copies' of these exercise prescriptions.

Using the MSR Exercise Prescription Pads

Always save the downloaded exercise pads as PDF templates to prevent overwriting. Follow these steps to use the pads:

  1. From your computer, open the appropriate prescription pad in Acrobat Reader. (Do not use your internet browser to open these pads, as you will not be able to use all its features from the browser.)

  2. Choose File > Save As and append the patient name and date to the filename, and save this file to a different folder (eg: Patient Exercises) . This important step protects your master templates from being over-written.

  3. In the saved file, enter the Practitioner and Patient information.

  4. Select the required exercises for your patient. Select a maximum of 3 to 5 exercises at a time.

  5. Add any special Practitioner Notes for the patient.

  6. Save the completed exercise recommendation.

  7. Send the competed Exercise Prescription to the patient via your preferred method.


Clicking Check Boxes

Using the Fillable PDF Forms With Your EHR system

Several EHR and practice management systems support the upload and integration of fillable PDF forms. Here are just some of the programs that allow you to upload and use fillable PDFs within their systems:

  • Jane App - Supports the upload of fillable PDFs, allowing you to use custom forms within the system.

  • ChiroSUITE - This program can be used with fillable PDFs.

  • Practice Fusion: Allows for the upload of external documents, including fillable PDFs, to patient records.

  • WebPT - Supports the upload of various document types, including fillable PDFs, to patient records.

  • Kareo - Allows the upload of fillable PDF documents to patient records.

  • DrChrono - Supports uploading fillable PDFs directly into the system.

  • Athenahealth - Supports uploading fillable PDF documents to patient records.

  • TheraNest - Allows you to upload fillable PDFs and other documents into patient files.

  • SimplePractice – Supports uploading fillable PDFs to client records.

The EHR Process

While the exact steps may vary slightly between different systems, the general process to upload fillable PDF forms is as follows:


  1. Log In: Access your EHR or practice management system.

  2. Navigate to Document Management: Look for a section like “Documents,” “File Uploads,” or “Forms.”

  3. Upload PDF: Use the upload feature to add your fillable PDF form. This might be labeled as “Upload Document,” “Add File,” or something similar.

  4. Assign to Patient Record: Once uploaded to your EHR system, assign the document to the relevant patient record. Ensure it is correctly categorized for easy retrieval.

  5. Test the Form: Open the uploaded Exercise PDF within the EHR system to ensure all fillable fields are working correctly.

Two Examples on How to Upload a Fillable PDF


Jane App - EHR Process

  1. Log In to Jane App: Access your Jane App account.

  2. Go to the “Forms” Section: Navigate to the area where you can manage forms and documents.

  3. Upload the PDF: Click on the option to upload a new form or document. Select your fillable PDF from your computer.

  4. Categorize and Save: Assign a category to the form (e.g., “Patient Intake,” “Examination Form”) and save it.

  5. Attach to Patient Records: Use the form with patient records as needed during consultations or treatments.

ChiroSUITE - EHR Process

  1. Upload Fillable PDFs: You can upload your fillable PDF forms directly into ChiroSUITE. This allows you to use your customized forms within the system without needing to recreate them from scratch.

  2. Patient Records: Attach these PDF forms to patient records for easy access and editing during consultations or treatments.

  3. Form Completion: Fill out the PDFs within ChiroSUITE during patient interactions, ensuring that all necessary information is captured accurately and efficiently.

  4. Storage and Retrieval: Store the completed forms within the patient's electronic health record (EHR) for future reference and retrieval.


Woman Exercising


The MSR Pro Prescription Exercise Pads offer a highly efficient and streamlined solution for prescribing personalized exercise programs. By providing access to over 250 exercise videos organized by body region and categorized into various types of exercises, these pads simplify the process for practitioners. They are compatible with both hard copy files and electronic note systems, ensuring flexibility in how they are used.

The step-by-step guidance on accessing, downloading, and utilizing these pads ensures that practitioners can seamlessly integrate them into their workflow, whether they are using Jane App, ChiroSUITE, or other EHR systems. This integration not only enhances the accuracy and thoroughness of patient care but also saves valuable time, allowing practitioners to focus more on their patients' needs and less on administrative tasks.


MSR Instructor Mike Burton Smiling

Join Us at Motion Specific Release

Enroll in our courses to master innovative soft-tissue and osseous techniques that seamlessly fit into your current clinical practice, providing your patients with substantial relief from pain and a renewed sense of functionality. Our curriculum masterfully integrates rigorous medical science with creative therapeutic paradigms, comprehensively understanding musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment protocols.

Join MSR Pro and start tapping into the power of Motion Specific Release. Have access to:

  • Protocols: Over 250 clinical procedures with detailed video productions.

  • Examination Procedures: Over 70 orthopedic and neurological assessment videos with comprehensive downloadable PDF examination forms for use in your clinical practice - coming soon.

  • Exercises: You can prescribe hundreds of Functional Exercises Videos to your patients through our downloadable, easy to use Exercise Prescription Pads.

  • Article Library: Our Article Index Library documents over 45+ of the most common MSK conditions that we all see in clinical practice.

    • This is a great means to educate your patients on our treatment processes.

    • Each article covers basic condition information, diagnostic procedures, treatment methodologies, timelines, and exercise recommendations.

    • Use our easy-to-prescribe Article PDF Form to quickly send the most relevant information to each of your patients.

  • Discounts: MSR Pro Annual Memberships entitle you to a significant discount on our online and live courses.

Integrating MSR into your practice can significantly enhance your clinical practice. The benefits we mentioned are only a few reasons for joining our MSR team.



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The MSR Exercise Prescription Pads are proprietary materials owned by BKAT Motion Specific Release and Dr. Brian Abelson, provided exclusively to subscribers of our services. By utilizing these exercise pads, you agree to use them solely within the scope of our prescribed services. Any reproduction, distribution, or unauthorized use of these materials without express permission from Motion Specific Release and Dr. Brian Abelson is strictly prohibited. Should you choose to unsubscribe from our services, you must immediately cease using the MSR Pro Exercise Pads and delete any copies you have in your possession. Continued use of these pads after unsubscribing constitutes a violation of our copyright policy and may result in legal action.

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